Tips for a Healthier Office Environment

13 Mar

There are some days when motivating yourself is hard enough, but you have to pull yourself together and carry on regardless. When you are expected to motivate your staff as well, it can seem even more difficult.

But nobody said that leadership was going to be easy – taking responsibility lies at the heart of good management, and on the occasions when it’s cold and rainy outside, and the weekend seems an eternity away, it is up to you as the boss to lead by example and perk your workforce up.

To motivate oneself requires inner strength allied to a firm vision of one’s goals – but staff require a different approach. They are not tied to the success of an enterprise in the same way that a business owner or senior manager is. They are, for the most part, simply trying to put food on their table and provide for their family. Younger staff members may even be constantly looking out for new opportunities elsewhere – and can hardly be blamed for doing so.

But there are still ways of communicating one’s own enthusiasm for the business at hand and motivating a workforce. Your staff may not realise it, but they are looking to you to lead the way. Personal qualities should not be underestimated when it comes to staff motivation.

Whatever their other interests in the job, staff want to feel that they are valued by their employer. Research has found that this is just as important for workers as enjoying their duties, access to promotion and training – and even earning a decent salary. So how to foster this sense of value?

The first opportunity comes at the very start of the working day, with the arrival of the boss. If they appear in the workplace with a face like thunder, snapping at questions from staff members and shutting themselves in their office, then the workforce will take their cue from this – today is a “bad day”; there’s no point in trying hard; best to avoid the boss, just keep your head down and wait for home time.

This is what leadership is all about. Regardless of what problem’s you are going through, it is incumbent on you to appear calm, confident and cheerful; with time to talk to your staff and address their concerns. Let them know what today’s objectives are and make sure they know that their input is vital to achieving them. Let them know that you are all in it together.

It is also vital that your staff know what they are expected to do towards these objectives. Workers with clearly defined tasks are a lot more happy and confident when they have clear parameters – when they know what their tasks involve and when they need to be done by. As with so much in life, communication is the key.

Reasons Why You Need Commercial Office Cleaning

26 Feb

Over the years, industrial standard cleaning equipment has been continually refined. As a result, professional commercial cleaning has been taken to a whole new level. In addition, technicians now undergo extensive training regimes to guarantee they can provide you with a deep, thorough clean of your premises. Wondering how this affects you? Take a look at just some of the advantages you’ll gain when you hire specialists… Here are listed the top 5 benefits for your business for hiring  commercial cleaners in Sutton.

The ‘wow-factor‘ – When a client walks through your doors they’ll be immediately swayed by the look and smell of the interior – remember, first impressions can make or break a business deal. The reception area which is always clean and tidy will serve as a perfect area to welcome your guests. The comfortable seating offered will be pristine. And reading material will be displayed on newly polished table tops. Take note, your relationship with your customers has never been more important. You’ve got to do everything in your power to ensure they come back!

Happy staff – Not only will your customers be happy but so will your staff. Research shows that providing a safe, healthy and clean working environment encourages employees to enjoy coming to work and makes them more productive during their working hours. In a long-term this means they won’t look for other employment saving you costs on training new workers. When your staff know that the responsibility of cleaning has been taken away, they’ll immediately feel under less pressure. Remember that it’s not only the office space that’s cleaned; it’s the restroom, kitchen and toilet facilities too.

Cost-effectiveness – If you calculate the time it would take you and your staff to fully clean your premises every day, taking you away from important work duties, it makes financial sense to hire professionals to effectively do the jobs for you. When you hire cleaners you can do so to fit in with your busy work schedule, causing the minimum amount of disruption. They’ll be able to come before you open or after you close. Appointments will even be available at the weekends and during holidays often for no extra cost. Making regular bookings will entitle you to great deals and discounts.

Excellent results – As well as saving you time and money, expert cleaners will guarantee a proper clean. This means using approved cleaning products from leading manufacturers to ensure a clean that leaves premises sanitized and hygienic. This is so important in eating areas in particular as you must fully comply with all current health regulations. You need to bear in mind that health inspectors from your local authority can visit you at any time unannounced. Knowing that whenever they call you’ll be ready is a huge benefit. Commercial cleaning equipment is powerful and will get rid of all dirt, dust and grime quickly and efficiently.

Additional options – On top of a regular comprehensive commercial clean, you’ll also be able to hire extra services that you may need to maintain and care for your workspace. This could include carpet cleaning to remove any stains from spills, window cleaning to keep panes sparkling and maximizing natural light, as well as cleaning your floors. A professional office cleaning company will provide the complete package for you. Why not get in touch with a sales advisor today? You can call by telephone or fill in details on their website’s contact form. Speak directly to an expert on the chat facility if you want your free, no-obligation quote straight away. However you choose to get in touch you’ll soon be taking advantage of all the benefits they have to offer.

About John Turk

16 Mar

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John Turk started his office career in 1997. Since then he has progressed moving from strength to strength offering leadership in his own unique style.

John has dedicated this blog to talking about how important good leadership skills are when to comes to your commercial business. It’s not all about managing the staff but also about managing your business too. 

Mr Turk offers a one to one consultation service and is happy to give you a quote if you contact him directly on this important issue.